Original Ball Chair or a Replica? What can be your choice?
03.01.2018 09:20

The answer to this intuitive question is a single word - BUDGET. How tight you are in your pocket will be the deciding factor for you to choose an original Ball chair or a copied one. For some, getting the look and feel of designer furniture serves the purpose, while for others, authenticity matters the most! So, this blog will take you through a comparison of both the copied and the original versions. Snug up and read on.

The Universal Perspective

Affording real designer furniture allows you to preserve the exact feel of anything that is vintage. Refining the looks of your interiors with real designer products is, no doubt, a one-of-a-kind experience. Moreover, the satisfaction you get surpasses the heights of positivity.

On the other hand, it can be a strain on the budget. That is why replica furniture is available on the market. These can give any space that exact and fantastic designer looks without hefty investments.

What you miss with replicas? There are many personalizing options available for the real pieces. For those who want to match the furniture with the look and feel of their interiors, buying an original product is your best bet.

Quality Of Both The Copied And The Real Versions

As I mentioned earlier, for some people authenticity matters the most. There is no doubt that when you are buying the original one, you get it build on materials chosen by the designer. Moreover, with that, quality assurance comes intact!

Now those who are thinking to buy replicas, sometimes feel that it will be a poor imitation of the original version. It will even suffer in quality. However, this is not the case. It's like using a Samsung or a Google Smartphone where both runs on Android OS. If, you intend only to get your purpose served, get a replica.

What Will You Miss? In some cases, you might not miss anything. But sometimes, you cannot find that high-end finishing touch!

Have you ever thought about TRUE COPIES? If not, read on.

There are also high-quality replicas that have the same design, quality, and comfort as the original. The only difference is that they are manufactured in a different country. It is only to make them more affordable to the masses in the local market.

The best example is the Ball chair itself! The designs were made in Finland but manufactured by companies in the UK. Apart from affordability, this approach benefits the economy of a country.

What Did You Miss? When it comes to high-quality replicas, don't you think that it will be wise to get the original ones? After all, high-quality means greater expenses and only a few more bucks can make you a proud owner of the vintage pieces.

Now that you have an idea about how you can make the most out of both replicas and the original ones, it's time to know a bit about this chair.

Why Is This Chair So Popular?

It won't be wrong to say that unless anything is popular, people usually don't bother about it. Want an example? Visit youtube.com and type in "Despacito." You can find many experts as well as amateur singers striving to make a cover or a parody track! Why? It is because the official video has 4.5 Billion Views!

The case with the Ball Chair is no different. Revamped sales in every corner of the country as soon as manufactured made many furniture companies try a hand at selling its replicas. And now you are here reading this blog. Even you are eager to know about it and want one for your home! So here is all that you will love to know about this chair.

The chair was designed in 1966 and took off like wildfire. New York Times described the design as the most comfortable chair. The hollowed out chair was innovative, using globular plastic creatively fortified with a transparent fiberglass surface. This gives the chair the amazing futuristic appearance.

Eero Aarnio was one of the first designers to initiate modern designs. His furniture designs are creative and fashionable, as evidenced with the ball chair. Aarnio's ideas and innovations in plastic chair designs are his forte.

Aarnio played with geometric designs to create new shapes of chairs and tables. Plastic and fiberglass were used in original designs, along with the inclusion of wood and steel frames to perfect the designs.

Summing up,

No matter whatever you opt to buy; today's replicas lack the authentic fiberglass material. Today, refurbished and safer plastic makes the chair. So, before stepping ahead, check your budget and plan accordingly. It will not only help you get what you want but will also keep you away from making huge investments.


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