Archetypen presents the most timeless objects of Vitras , Zanottas , Cappellinis , Classicons or Thones ; with designs by Wegner , the Eames , Breuer , Mies van der Rohe or eg Eileen Grays

The Butterfly Chair was developed by the Arch. Group Austral ( ia J. Hardoy ) in Buenos Aires . Inspired by the flowering of tubular steel furniture in Europe in the 1930s, they transferred its principle to the above wooden chair type. 

Centrally bundled rods, connected at the top by a sculpted triangular scarf: for ages, there has been the folding hunter's 
chair. J. Fenby patented wooden armchairs for British colonial officers in the 19th century based on this original type, and the same tripolina field armchair was established in Italy .



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