Fritz Hansen Series 7, Syver or Syver stol, Arne Jacobsen's elegant design from 1955 has many names. The Danish designer and architect, with the well-known 7th chair, created an innovative design chair that got both the designer as well as his 7th chairman of the world map of well-known designs. Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair was innovative with its nine layers finely molded to perfection having strength like certainly no other designer chairs. The handcraft behind the chair became the starting point for not only the 7th chair's success but for the rest of the designer's range of scales.

Since the company’s foundation in 1872 and the numerous furniture designs that has been invented by the Republic of Fritz Hansen, those of Arne Jacobsen’s designs have been proved to be popular worldwide. Arne Jacobsen’s cooperation with the Danish designer Fritz Hansen started in 1934, but it is only after the follow-up Series 7 Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen finally entered the furniture design history.  

Among a multitude range of chairs, Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 is the leader of Fritz Hansen's collection. The chair consists of a slim shell that has two layers of cotton textile and nine layers of veneer that rests on a thin mirrored chrome steel base. The Series 7 also features a height-adjustable swivel base on five casters. The lamination process integrated with the qualities innate in the wood make the chair highly flexible to adjust to the body's movements and contours. Series 7 is available in a plethora of offerings and options as a children's chair, counter stool, barstool, office chair, pedestal chair, and a stackable side chair, you are sure to find the perfect Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair for any space.

The wide range of options is available in wood veneer, colored ash or lacquered. The Series 7 is also available upholstered with fabric or leather upholstery, on the entire chair or front only, for giving added comfort.

One of the most recent new and beautiful invention in Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 chairs in blush and rose gold. They are beautiful created for giving your home that perfect fit and feel you are looking for.

Here are the 3 ways in which you can style this duo and give your home that elegant look that you are going to love for years to come.


The hallway is the perfect place for these beauties because the subtle, blush color of these chairs can complement your wall color really well. The first thing you see when entering the house AND a perfect place to take off your shoes.

Bedside Tables

Like Butterfly Chair, Fritz Hansen Series 7 is truly unique and a modern solution to complement your newly setup bedroom. They are not really bedside tables but look pulled together and sleek. The classic design, modern look, elegant finish and subtle color of the chair can make you utterly happy first thing in the morning.

Dining Area

If your home has a playful table with different sets of chairs, then the addition of the contemporary looking Series 7 chairs can work well with your 1970s round chairs and vintage folding chair lookalikes. A mix of all, the Series 7 chair can make your home look more modern and add an extra pop of color to the dining space.

So, which setup is your favorite? Do let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Designed by Arne Jacobsen, this monochrome version of Fritz Hansen's 'Series 7' chair features a colored ash seat with matching powder coated legs. Buy this iconic and timeless design piece today at Go through our exclusive collection of furniture available and uplift your home’s interior.


When you’re looking to add fun sitting spaces into your kids' room, you can consider buying a butterfly chair. Kids love its fun design, and the chair won't take up valuable play space in the room as well. You can even buy the folding versions of this chair so that kids can put them up or down whenever they want.

Now you might question, "Why shall I invest in this chair and not on others?" So, here are some facts that you will want to know.

1. Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, an Argentinean architect, invented this chair in 1938.
2. The Butterfly chairs generally have a metal or wooden draped with a piece of fabric across the frame to sit in!
3. People mostly use them as or consider them as a luxury chair, because of its durability, portability and it’s amazing looks.
4. They have also been used in modern design because of their sleek, design that adds a limitless look and feel, to wherever it is placed.
5. The chair also became a symbol of modern furniture due to its minimalist design and attention to form.
6. You can find this chair pictures and decorating magazines during the 1950s and 1960s as an example of modernism.

When you are buying it for your kids, you will want something that sets the appeal apart from modern looks. This chair is indeed, and will always remain one of the favorites. Why? Find them in the following pointers.

a) The looks of the butterfly chair appeal to kids a lot. They will want to put one in their bedroom or have in the house just for watching TV, especially cartoon while experiencing feeling relaxed!
b) The fabric on the chair comes in a wide variety of patterns, including cartoon figures.
c) Teenagers love having a chair in a fun pattern or color, to add style to their room.

Tip: As the chair doesn't take up much space is storable in a folded position, they make a great choice for small bedrooms or seating when your child has friends over.

Advice For Parents:

The butterfly chair won't do much for your child's posture. However, the sling design encourages a lounged position. No doubt, some parents would like to avoid this in their kids. Most kids like the relaxed position that it gives them even if the support isn't what you would like it to be.

The chair was designed to elevate "form over function" and many individuals, who loved it back in the mid-twentieth century, have trouble getting in and out of the chair today because of reduced mobility from aging. But for kids, this won't be a problem at all!


A butterfly chair can be a fun addition to any child's room. It gives him or her, a place to sit that doesn't take up a lot of space. The chairs are also portable, and you can move it from one room to another with ease. Durability makes this chair long-lasting, and even the toughest kid will have trouble doing too much damage to the chair. So, wait no more and consider getting one for your kids' rooms today!


The answer to this intuitive question is a single word - BUDGET. How tight you are in your pocket will be the deciding factor for you to choose an original Ball chair or a copied one. For some, getting the look and feel of designer furniture serves the purpose, while for others, authenticity matters the most! So, this blog will take you through a comparison of both the copied and the original versions. Snug up and read on.

The Universal Perspective

Affording real designer furniture allows you to preserve the exact feel of anything that is vintage. Refining the looks of your interiors with real designer products is, no doubt, a one-of-a-kind experience. Moreover, the satisfaction you get surpasses the heights of positivity.

On the other hand, it can be a strain on the budget. That is why replica furniture is available on the market. These can give any space that exact and fantastic designer looks without hefty investments.

What you miss with replicas? There are many personalizing options available for the real pieces. For those who want to match the furniture with the look and feel of their interiors, buying an original product is your best bet.

Quality Of Both The Copied And The Real Versions

As I mentioned earlier, for some people authenticity matters the most. There is no doubt that when you are buying the original one, you get it build on materials chosen by the designer. Moreover, with that, quality assurance comes intact!

Now those who are thinking to buy replicas, sometimes feel that it will be a poor imitation of the original version. It will even suffer in quality. However, this is not the case. It's like using a Samsung or a Google Smartphone where both runs on Android OS. If, you intend only to get your purpose served, get a replica.

What Will You Miss? In some cases, you might not miss anything. But sometimes, you cannot find that high-end finishing touch!

Have you ever thought about TRUE COPIES? If not, read on.

There are also high-quality replicas that have the same design, quality, and comfort as the original. The only difference is that they are manufactured in a different country. It is only to make them more affordable to the masses in the local market.

The best example is the Ball chair itself! The designs were made in Finland but manufactured by companies in the UK. Apart from affordability, this approach benefits the economy of a country.

What Did You Miss? When it comes to high-quality replicas, don't you think that it will be wise to get the original ones? After all, high-quality means greater expenses and only a few more bucks can make you a proud owner of the vintage pieces.

Now that you have an idea about how you can make the most out of both replicas and the original ones, it's time to know a bit about this chair.

Why Is This Chair So Popular?

It won't be wrong to say that unless anything is popular, people usually don't bother about it. Want an example? Visit and type in "Despacito." You can find many experts as well as amateur singers striving to make a cover or a parody track! Why? It is because the official video has 4.5 Billion Views!

The case with the Ball Chair is no different. Revamped sales in every corner of the country as soon as manufactured made many furniture companies try a hand at selling its replicas. And now you are here reading this blog. Even you are eager to know about it and want one for your home! So here is all that you will love to know about this chair.

The chair was designed in 1966 and took off like wildfire. New York Times described the design as the most comfortable chair. The hollowed out chair was innovative, using globular plastic creatively fortified with a transparent fiberglass surface. This gives the chair the amazing futuristic appearance.

Eero Aarnio was one of the first designers to initiate modern designs. His furniture designs are creative and fashionable, as evidenced with the ball chair. Aarnio's ideas and innovations in plastic chair designs are his forte.

Aarnio played with geometric designs to create new shapes of chairs and tables. Plastic and fiberglass were used in original designs, along with the inclusion of wood and steel frames to perfect the designs.

Summing up,

No matter whatever you opt to buy; today's replicas lack the authentic fiberglass material. Today, refurbished and safer plastic makes the chair. So, before stepping ahead, check your budget and plan accordingly. It will not only help you get what you want but will also keep you away from making huge investments.


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