Archetypen is committed to providing outstanding products.


We only produce and / or distribute long-lasting, useful products. 

Long lasting from design and qualitative points of view - so that things will be fun for years to come. Because only what is never disposed of is really sustainable. Many products have warranty periods that go far beyond the legal requirements. All products offered are originals offered in compliance with applicable copyright and copyrights. If possible, our goods are disassembled and shipped directly from the manufacturer; This reduces volume, routes and emissions.


Our motivation is to put together a fine selection of basic things.

Our assortment usually comprises only 1 specimen of a genus - few, but all the better, that combined is a good basis of life and promises much joy. We only offer things that we ourselves need and put to the acid test; nothing superfluous, fashionable. We see ourselves as an intermediary, not a seller; Therefore, it is natural for us to mention the disadvantages of a product. Many things are only available with archetypen; the majority are author drafts, many in museums, others anonymous.

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